What Is The Difference Between Make and Do?

What Is The Difference Between Make and Do?

What Is The Difference Between Make and Do?

In today’s lesson, we will learn about the two verbs which frequently causes confusion to English learners. Here we will study about the difference between make and do. When and how to use make and do.

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How And When To Use Do?

# Use do when talking about work, jobs, tasks. Take note, that they don’t produce any tangible objects.


  • I don’t like to do house chores.
  • Do your homework.
  • This is how I do my job.
  • I need to do exercise.


# This is more common in informal English.
   We use do to replace the verb when the meaning is obvious.


  • I need to do my hair and makeup. ( do – put on/apply makeup, comb or style your hair )
  • It is your turn to do the dishes tonight. ( do – wash )
  • I’ll do the laundry. But, you have to do the ironing.

# Do as an auxiliary verb for making questions is the present tense.


  • Do you like candy?
  • Do you want to eat at the restaurant?
  • Do they want to sit down?


# Use do to refer to activities in general, without being specific. We usually use words like, something, anything, things, everything, etc.


  • I have something to do.
  • Is there anything I can do?
  • My mom has things to do.
  • I have to do everything myself.
  • I have nothing to do today.


How And When To Use Make?


This is easy to remember. We use make to produce, create, construct, build something.


# We use make to produce an action or reaction.


  • Looking at food makes my mouth water.
  • It makes me happy.

# We use make about plans and decisions.


  • We need to make the arrangements.
  • You need to make a choice.


# We use make to indicate the origin of the product or materials that are used to make something.


  • This dress is made of silk.
  • The TV is made from China.
  • Our house is made of wood.


# We use make with food, meals, and drinks.


  • I need to make breakfast.
  • Let’s make coffee together.
  • I made tea.
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