What Is The Common Noun

What Is The Common Noun

What Is The Common Noun

Hello, students! In this post, I will be teaching you about the common noun. The article will give you a list of common noun examples. Common nouns should not be capitalized. However, if it is located at the beginning of the sentence, then it is capitalized.


The noun is divided into the common noun and proper noun. In this lesson, we will cover what the common noun is.


Common nouns are words for people, animals, places, or things.


Here are some examples:

( People )
doctor, lawyer, teacher, man, nurse, singer, actor, police officer, dentist.


( animals )
eagle, zebra, snake, mouse, cat, dog, pig, chicken, hen, deer, bear


( places )
beach, park, school, mall, library, gym, temple, church, zoo


( things )
basket, drum, violin, cake, blanket, gate, door, piano




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