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General English Lessons   

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Skypeinenglish specializes in personalized spoken English conversation classes by utilizing articles that are each made into a lesson plan in which your teacher will engage you in fun discussions. Topics are according to the student’s choice of interest, ranging from politics, and economics, health and science, education, opinions, music, history and a lot more.

Our lesson plans are a combination of reading, speaking, and listening. It also targets sub-skills such as grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. You are also given homework by your teacher to successfully retain what you have learned during classes.

Your teacher is a reliable professional willing to push the envelope to make sure you are learning and be able to achieve your goal!


Business English Lessons

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Skypeinenglish offers Business English Lessons taught by a professional and certified English teacher. Our lessons, workbooks, videos, and podcasts covers a plethora of business topics such as:

Introduction to the business world, Negotiations, Telephoning, Advertising, Arranging meetings and schedules, Management, Job interviews, Corporate goals, Business trips, Motivation, Productivity, Describing process, Career development, Managing Performances, and more.


Let us assist you to learn Business English through 1-to-1 Skype classes to advance in your career!


English For Young Learners
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Skypeinenglish designed an interactive lesson plan especially for your child to help them improve their English. Our lessons are fun and exciting allowing them to be independent and work collaboratively with their teacher. We will help you build your child’s confidence in using English both inside and outside classes, and even help them do better in school.

Our lessons utilizing fun and interactive materials that focus on the four skills, reading, writing, listening, and speaking, increasing their vocabulary and improving grammar. These lessons are designed to suit young learners at all levels from beginner to advanced.

We believe that the best way for a child to learn is through interactive and fun lessons. Let us assist your child in his journey to language learning!


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