Learn English Through Ted Talks #1 Before I Die I Want To…. By Candy Chang


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Something very inspiring. This TED Talk episode talks about loss, death, and bringing clarity to our lives.

In this Ted talk lesson, read the word focus, familiarize yourself with the words, then watch the video and take note of the expressions that are used in the video.

Please don’t forget to document the new vocabularies that you’ve learned!

Please watch the video.

At the end of the video, we can discuss this topic during lesson time, so you can use the new words that you’ve just learned.

The transcript is also available, please click on “Transcript”

This transcript is taken from TED.com. Please click the button below to access the transcript.

Word Focus

# “We don’t bump into every neighbor”

To bump into someone means to meet someone by chance or by coincidence.

Here are some examples:

  • I bumped into Jerry this morning.
  • Luckily, I didn’t bump into him yesterday.


# “I feel like every time someone sneezes”

This means that there are a lot of something. In this video, this means that there are a lot of parade in New Orleans.

Here are some examples:

  • I feel like everytime someone sneezes, there’s a new sale going on in California.
  • I feel like whenever someone sneezes, the teacher is going to give out a quiz.


# “It is easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and forget what matters to you.”

To get caught up means you are focusing on your own routine, concentrating all your energy on small things.

Here are some examples:

  • I’m sorry, I haven’t received your message, I got so caught up in work that I didn’t notice.
  • I got caught up at work, so I arrived home very late.


# “Before I die, I want to be tried for piracy”

This means to go to court to stand trial for something: to find out if you are innocent or guilty in a court.


# “Before I die, I want to straddle the International Date Line”

To straddle means, to stand or sit astride of. The International date line is the imaginary line that runs from the north pole to the south pole.


# “Before I die, I want to live off the grid”

This expression means to live in a sufficient way without necessary utilities that are found in the city. Think of a cabin in the mountains, imagine yourself living there without electricity, sewage system, etc.


# “Before I die, I want to be someone’s cavalry”

This means that the person wanted to be someone’s protector.




Overall, I like this video. It was very inspirational, and it was good to see that Candy Chang was able to do this kind of project where the entire community were able to participate.

Now let’s continue this discussion during the lesson time.



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