Learn English Through TED Talks #2 Prepare For A Good End Of Life

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A moving TED talk. This talks about the end-of-life situation and how we can be prepared for it.

In this Ted talk lesson, read the word focus, familiarize yourself with the words, then watch the video and take note of the expressions that are used in the video.

Please don’t forget to document the new vocabularies that you’ve learned!

At the end of our lesson time, you will receive a vocabulary sheet template to list all the new words you’ve learned.

Please watch the video.

At the end of the video, we can discuss this topic during lesson time, so you can use the new words that you’ve just learned.

The transcript is also available, please click on “Transcript”


Word Focus

# To make ends meet 
Meaning: To have enough money to pay for monthly expenses without going into debt.

From the video: “They kept just enough livestock to make ends meet.”
Other examples: “I only need a stable job just to make ends meet.”

# Medical advocate 
Meaning: A person who supports your medical decisions. Advocate means “supporter”

From the video: “As we became friends, I became their trustee, and their medical advocate.”
Other examples: “You need a very good medical advocate who will give you the highest form of health care service.”

# Declining to zero. 
Meaning: Something that is decreasing…

From the video: “At the end, our bodily functions and independence are declining to zero.”
Other examples: “The temperature in my country is declining to zero.

# Peace of mind
Meaning: The person will have some kind of assurance.

From the video: “They chose ACR nature preserves to take their ranch over when they were gone. This gave them the peace of mind to move forward.”
Other examples: “It is always very important to lock your doors especially at night, this will give you the peace of mind that you and your family will be safe from harm.”

# This thing is going to get me
Meaning: A particular thing will inevitably happen to you.

From the video: “One day, you’re going to say, “This thing is going to get me.”
Other examples: “If we continue on eating junk foods everyday, obesity is eventually going to get us.”

Other meaning: It is affecting you in a negative way.
Example: “Her annoying eating habit is really starting to get to me.”

# Their end was near
Meaning: They will eventually die.

From the video:”They spent their time letting friends know that their end was near, and they were okay with that.”
Other examples: “I have cancer, my doctor told me that I have three more months to live. I don’t want to get chemo because my end is near anyway.”

# Won’t let you win a bingo even if you’re dying. 
Meaning: Just a funny way of expressing that despite the person in their weak condition, they will still play fair.

From the video: “We have found a perfect caregiver team, who is led by Marsha who won’t let you win a bingo even if you’re dying.”


“Death isn’t something to be feared, but we should accept that everything has an end.”
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Overall, this video was great. Death isn’t something to be feared, but we should accept that everything has an end.

Now let’s continue this discussion during the lesson time.


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