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# Taught at Italki, E-syaberitai, Verbal Planet, FreeE English School, and Smart Online English School.

# Extensive experience teaching English to students of all levels.

# Extensive experience teaching Academic English, Health Care English, Travel English, Business   English and more.

# Experience with Children as young as 4 years old and Teenage Learners.

# TEFL 120 hours Certified English Teacher

# Extensive experience handling beginners

# Customized numerous lesson materials suitable for the student’s level.

# Extensive Test Preparation Experience: IELTS and TOEIC





Hello there! My name is Chen. I’ve spent the last couple of years teaching English online to students in different levels. I have a general American accent and have a rich vocabulary. I’m very easy to understand because I speak clearly. I specialize in teaching students from beginning to advanced levels. I look forward to meeting you online and discussing how we can work towards your learning goals!


My teaching style varies according to the level of the student. I focus on what my students are able to achieve within our lesson time together. Identifying goals, strengths, and weaknesses are important to me and we strive together to overcome hurdles and other problems to improve their language abilities. I initially assess these aspects in the trial session and continuously monitor the student as we go along. I work hard not only to increase my students’ English abilities but encourage their confidence and motivate them to speak English very well. I will offer corrections if a student makes a mistake and explain why it is wrong and encourage them to use the correct usage during a conversation. Not only that, as a responsible tutor, I will follow up via email and send evaluation reports of points, corrections, vocabularies, and pronunciation learned during class.


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