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Lessons are customized to fit your needs. I provide interesting and unique lessons for each student and provide eBooks and lesson materials if needed.

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Feng from China

“Key words: patient, helpful, extremely nice. Chen gave me two topics in this lesson, one being climate change, the other the problems of overpopulation. She knows I am interested in some technical subjects. She tries to assign some familiar topics to me. She’s really thoughtful. I have to say, even though sometims I can not express my ideas clearly, she still listens to me carefully and enourages me. It’s quite a pleasure to enjoy her class.”

Paulina from Poland

“Lesson with Chen was very interesting and I could train speaking, reading and listening in the same time. I like to receive the materials before lesson because I can focus on this earlier and than practise during the lesson.”

Eugene from Russia

“Thank a lot! It was very useful for my speaking skills.” “Thank you very much, Chen. It was a perfect session for my speaking skills. Hope to talk to you again next week.” “Thanks a lot! New words, phrases and interesting conversation. Very useful. See you next time!” “Thank you very much Chen. It was very interesting conversation about things that make people instantly like you. See you next time.”

Mauro from Italy

“Chen is a very good teacher, first lesson has been very fast and full of contents. Thanks very much Chen, we see in next class.” “Great lesson, Chen is a very good teacher. She are professional and helped me with many material before and after the lesson. She is very careful to help her students, thank you.”

Blessy from Italy

“Perfect lesson as ever! Chen corrected my pronunciation and my paper, she gives me a lot of good suggestions about academic writing and teaches me some new words. Thanks!” “Great! She is a perfect teacher! Thank you! You are always very helpful! PERFECT!

Shaonan from China

“Chen is a great teacher and really helpful. I learned a lot in the class.” “I learned a lot in this class thank you very much!”

Grazia from Italy

“Excellent class: we worked on the material that the teacher had sent me yesterday ( an interesting article and a video) The teacher corrected my mistakes and my pronunciation. I also learnt new words. Thanks a lot!” “You are an excellent teacher and your classes are very useful and interesting. Thanks a lot!” “An excellent class as usual: the teacher sent me some interesting material before the lesson and we worked on it in very productive way.”

Sarah from Korea

“Thank you:) I enjoyed this session. Great as usual!” “Thank you so much:) I learned a lot! “

BK from Korea

” It was great meeting you. It was a great session.  I really appreciate it for that” ” It was great as usual. Thank you.”

William Yu from China

“Miss Chen is an excellent teacher! This is my first lesson on italki, and I was a bit of nervous. Since her voice was nice and sweet to me, I felt relax then. She taught me a number of useful words and gave me some English materials to study. It’s a wonderful lesson to me. Thanks very much! 很高兴认识你,谢谢你黄真真老师!”

Hank from China

“Chen is a very nice teacher. We had a great session.” “The session is great. I’ve learnt a lot.”

Antonio from Mexico

“Thank you teacher, you were very enthusiastic and I learned a lot because you corrected all the mistakes I made during the session”

George from Russia

“Thanks to Chen for the lesson. It was very interesting. We were talking about Medicine in Philippins and in Russia. Chen is very intelligent and it was pleasure to have a conversation with her.”

Alex from Moscow

“Thank you Chen!” “It was a very good lesson. We talked about food and unemployment. It was excellent lesson.” “We had an excellent conversation about animals and I got a lot of new words for my poor vocabulary :)” “Thank you, Chen! I like your approach to our lessons.”

Francisco from Spain

“good lesson”

Santiago from Spain

“It was a good session, thanks.”

Alper from Turkey

“we are moving on to our target surely. See you next week :)” “It was an enjoyable lesson.  I appricate for your efforts. Thank you!” “We are moving on to the goal strongly. More more more practise. Our name is success. Also Let me give you a secret. I am a great english speaker and I am a great public speaker.” “Lets continue over toeic. Today’s lesson was very useful.” “She is an amazing teacher. And also she is the best coach”

Fabiana from Brazil

“I like very much!”

Sharon from Israel

“chen was very easy to talk to and very professional. i realy enjoy the lesson and learn a lot.”

Antal from Hungary

“She is excellent teacher. Thanks”

Johnny from Hong Kong

“Very Professional!!!”

Jin from California

“she’s so passionate that I’m inspired.”

Zoe from China

“Chen is a good teacher, she is welcome by my daughtrr.”

Nedaa from Saudi Arabia

“I have booked a trial conversation lesson with Mrs. Chen and I give her 10/10! The lesson lasted for half an hour, and even though I hadn’t read the materials that she sent to me earlier, she managed to keep it helpful and interesting meeting.”

Olga from Russia

“Excellent lesson with a clear structure. Fluent conversation. After the lesson Chen sent the list with vocabularies and correction, it’s very useful! Thank you for the class, Chen. See you next time )”    


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    • Starts at $23.95
    • 30 or 50-minute sessions
    • General English Conversation
    • Business English
    • English for Young Learners
    • Summary and Evaluation Document Plus Additional Homework Sent Via Email
    • Medium
    • Starts at $41.95
    • 30 or 50 minute sessions
    • General English Conversation
    • Business English
    • English for Young Learners
    • Summary and Evaluation Document Plus Additional Homework Sent Via Email
    • Pro
    • Starts at $65.95
    • 30 or 50 minute sessions
    • General English Conversation
    • Business English
    • English for Young Learners
    • Summary and Evaluation Document Plus Additional Homework Sent Via Email



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